Cadence Performance has one aim in mind and that is to improve its customers performance on the bike

As cyclists ourselves we have spent a fair share of time in bike shops, bike fitting centres, high street chain coffee shops after a ride but we have never been anywhere where you can have all of this but under one roof. Well, that is what Cadence is!

We are based in Crystal Palace so we are sandwiched between the city and the rolling Kent hills, so stop by when you’re out for a ride and see what we have to offer (click here for our location)

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Bike Fitting

At Cadence Cycling Performance Center we do a lot of bike fits, probably more than anywhere else in the country. We believe that this is because we do a good job and people feel the tangible benefits, of a fit, to their cycling experience.

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Fitness Testing

Here at Cadence we offer a range of fitness tests that will allow you to become a better cyclist, ride faster and for longer. Fitness testing takes the guess-work out of riding by using scientific methods to put exact numbers on your exercise capabilities.

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Cadence offers a range of cycling coaching services, provided by knowledgeable and experienced coaches. Make the first step towards achieving improved levels of performance, whether in races, sportives, recreational events or general riding.

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Cadence has recently released a range of club memberships owing to popular demand. Memberships range from getting a jersey and discounts all the way to full access to services at Cadence. Join today and Cadence becomes your clubhouse!

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Tandem Ciclo Café

Tandem Ciclo Café have a coffee shop at Cadence which delivers exquisite freshly cooked food, artisan coffee and an extensive selection of home made cakes and pastries. You can enjoy your food and drink whilst watching live coverage or re-runs of various cycling races on our big screens!

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Pedal-Fit combines proven cycling training techniques, modified for non-cyclists, with a wholesome eating plan to give you a programme that is easy to follow and ensures you are not starving yourself to lose weight.

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Bike Repairs

Our fully equipped workshop offers the complete range of cycle repairs and servicing. Depending on how busy we are we even offer a repair service while you wait. We also hold regular bike maintenance classes and seminars!

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Indoor Cycling - Wattbikes

Cadence has opened a ‘state of the art’ Wattbike Studio offering a range of indoor cycling classes for everyone from complete beginners to experienced road race and triathlon competitors. Open 7 days a week you can join a class or come and ride on your own

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What Others Say About Us

  • Great store with good coffee and nice treats. Had a bike fitting done here with Rohan and it really has improved my ride and understanding of my bike fit. Well worth the money spent.

    Graham Bishop
  • Retul fitting in January 2013 as a pre-requisite for some serious pre-Etape winter training. Awesome service and the cheapest Retul in London by far. Thank you guys.

    Ben Battye
  • Ciaran’s coaching program displays clear evidence of an individualized approach and due consideration to monitoring and re-evaluation of the scientific support. An extremely good factor is that the coach brings in client-specific detail and needs (e.g. availability etc) to the training needs analysis, going beyond the ‘textbook’ physiological needs analysis, which helps greatly with implementation of a coaching program. Continued monitoring, re-evaluation and adjustment if necessary is an essential component of good athlete support, which this program displays clearly. This is a very comprehensive coaching approach and the support provided is obviously tailored to the client and as such is what would be expected in a sports science support clinic.

    University of Kent Scientist
  • Training with Ciaran at Cadence since January 1st has been excellent and provided the motivation needed to keep me on my bike through sometimes miserable weather. He has produced a systematic training plan that has seen my performance steadily improve on sequential Threshold tests. His feedback of his rationale and explanation of sports physiology has made the process interesting and understandable. And I'll have lost 10 kgms by the time I reach the Dolomites in June. Highly recommended!

    James Anderson
  • Had a lactate test with Ciaran. Superb. Nice meal at the cafe as well. What a fantastic place. If I lived in London anywhere near Crystal Palace I would spend a lot of time here. Best bike shop in London!

    Chris Rees
  • Cycling Max Test conducted by Ciaran O'Grady. This was a really useful thing to have done for me. I now have loads of information that I can tap in to when on the Watt bike or out riding. It concentrates ones efforts on to what might really help improve one's fitness. Brilliant stuff. I was pretty apprehensive about what the test would entail, but it was fine, particularly with Ciaran encouraging that last ounce of effort out of you near the ragged end. I have now been recommending said procedure to all and sundry. It helped the clouds to be lifted in the sometimes confusing mesh of cycling/training/running/swimming that I do, and has given me a bit of understanding about what is achieving what....Fantastic! And, by the way, Ciaran was extremely clear and helpful. The next step is now to book a training programme. Thanks.

    Kyra Lyness
  • Lactate Threshold Test. Strange that something ultimately so unpleasant should be enjoyable - but it was!Ciaran explained the process very clearly beforehand. As the test progressed and the pain increased so did Ciaran's encouragement. The final report is remarkably comprehensive and very well presented. A good starting point in the coaching process.

    Quentin Crowe
  • "I had already followed a training plan I found on a website to help me build fitness towards my first century ride. Having done a few of those and lots of other sportives, I became curious to find out what kind of racing would suit me best and how I could go about training for that. I needed some goals and a plan to get me there. So I started a training plan at Cadence with Ciaran and haven't looked back since! I'm a numbers person and really like how Ciaran uses his deep knowledge of sports science to describe the specifics of your fitness data - there are no generalisations, it's all specific to your case and your needs. You don't get that from magazines and websites. Ciaran also understands that not all cyclists have the free time they want to follow Plan A - he is responsive to changes in my plans and happily adapts my training schedule to meet my needs. Highly recommended!"

    Euan Bell
  • Tip Top Bike shop, bike fit was very useful and mechanics have also proven to be knowledgeable and flexible . Decent coffee as well.

    Alan Rae

Meet The Team

We have a range of staff members with extensive experience in working with different types of riders, click here to meet them all

  • Sandro Ferramacho
    Sandro FerramachoBike Fitter
    • Richard Collier
      Richard CollierIndoor Cycling Instructor
      • Marco Pinotti
        Marco PinottiPerformance Director
        • Seamus Kelly
          Seamus KellyGeneral Manager
          • Matteo Carrara
            Matteo CarraraCoach

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