In the second of our series of blogs helping you to start cycling to work, we will look at some practical steps to make the process more comfortable.

Cycling to work is a great way to keep active, save some money and protect the planet. However, if you haven’t cycled to work before, it may be a bit daunting. That’s where Cadence Performance can help. Here are a few of our favourite tips to get you on the road in no time.

Step 2: Hitting the road

With the prep suggested in our last post under your belt (read it here >), any fears will hopefully be a distant memory; and there’s lots you can do on the day to ensure an even smoother ride.


For a quieter and more enjoyable ride, aim to be on the road before or after rush hour. Let your boss and colleagues know in advance, just in case you’re a little bit late as you try your new route. And book out your morning so that no one can schedule a big meeting on your behalf – you won’t want to jump straight into a presentation with a new client or your manager as soon as you’re through the door!

Buddy Up

Keeping cycling fun will keep you motivated, so invite a friend or colleague to turn the commute into a social event! Let them know it’s your first time and any bits you’re worried about, so that they can go at your pace and help navigate those tricky bits. Just don’t forget to agree a meeting point and time! If you can’t find a buddy, let a family member know your plans and check in with them when you get to work – you’ll feel more confident knowing others are thinking of you (you could even set up phone-tracking so they can follow your progress!).

Other Road Users

Making yourself visible to other road users will help boost your safety – wearing reflective clothing is a great start. Making your intentions clear is also important – signal early and clearly so other road users (and pedestrians!) know where you intend to go. You could even refresh your knowledge of the Highway Code so you know how best to place yourself on the road and what to do at junctions.

Here to Help

Remember, it might be your first time cycling to work, but you’re not alone – at Cadence Performance we are always here to help guide you to cycling success. Make yourself a quick checklist of the above points, and please get in touch for more advice – we’ll ensure you have the best kit to make that first cycle to work a breeze!

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