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Sports Injury & Body Pain Clinic

We are passionate about therapy and your recovery, and pride ourselves on giving you the best experience for your individual needs. We offer treatments tailored specifically to you with no compromise on quality or dedication.

Sports Massage

Sports massage uses a range of deep tissue techniques to treat areas of muscular tension. Tension can come from sport, activity or occupational posture, and our aim is to reduce this discomfort by releasing build-up within the muscle and surrounding fascia. We restore the affected area back to a healthier and 'less-tense' condition.

Benefits include:

  • reduced muscular tension and stress
  • prevention of injuries by identifying problem areas
  • enhanced performance and training due to improved flexibility
  • reduced build-up of waste products created by exercise by improving circulation
  • reduced recovery rates between training sessions
  • improved posture

Sports Injury Therapy

Sports injury therapy is focused on preventing, assessing and rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries. Sports therapists use skills based on movement principles to implement injury prevention and rehabilitation programs across the spectrum of sport and exercise activities. Where necessary, they can also refer you on for specialist advice and intervention.

Treatments will consist of a variety of skills such as:

  • exercise rehabilitation
  • postural assessment and correction
  • sports massage
  • joint mobilisation
  • K-taping


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