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Free Bike Insurance

VeloLife offer 10 days free insurance to Cadence Performance customers

Velolife Insurance

10 days free insurance on your new bike!

We offer 10 days free insurance with all new bikes purchased from Cadence Performance, provided by our insurance partner VeloLife. You will be covered for the first 10 days of ownership against theft, accidental damage and malicious damage, so you can purchase with confidence. If ordering online, you will be given a link upon completing your order to activate your 10 days free insurance. If you are purchasing in-store or through our sales team then speak to them directly about activating your free insurance on your behalf. Please see details below.

If you have just purchased your new bike, register for your free insurance here. T&Cs apply.

Register your new bikes' insurance here
Velolife Insurance

10 days Free Insurance includes:

  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Malicious Damage

The basic terms and conditions for activating the 10 days free insurance, you must:

  • Have received your bike in the last 7 days
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be Resident of the UK, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands
  • Use the correct lock
  • Confirm that you have received your bike from Cadence Performance and still have possession of the bike
  • Confirm that the bike is in good working order and has not been damaged in any way

Any questions just ask at or 01908 92 92 30, or visit

Velolife Insurance

Sold Secure Rated Locks:

  • Insured Value under £500 requires a Bronze rated lock.
  • Insured Value between £501 - £1,000 requires a Silver rated lock.
  • Insured Value over £1,001 requires a Gold rated lock

Approved Lock - A nominated lock which is specified in the 'Sold Secure' list ( of Cycle locks which is appropriate to the insured Value of the Cycle as above.

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What is Sold Secure?

In the UK, one bicycle is stolen every six minutes, according to the Association of British Insurers, and motoring claims reached their highest level in seven years in 2019. Sold Secure has a thorough testing process, and there are four different classes for a product to achieve the coveted Sold Secure Approved quality label. Having excellent security in place is crucial to stay insured. Sold Secure can help with that. Sold Secure is an independent security product certification organisation that sets the industry standard for testing security products.

They deal with businesses all over the world, evaluating and testing security systems against a variety of attack scenarios. They collaborate closely with the Home Office, the police, and insurance companies to provide accreditation that demonstrates the product's security by grading it against a certain test criteria.

How does it work?

Sold Secure has a long list of test criteria, each with different grades.

There are four different grades for which a product can get the coveted Sold Secure authorised quality label, however the grade must be considered in connection with the test standard. (For example, SS101 Motorcycle Gold and SS 104 Bicycle Gold are not the same thing.)

What are the different ratings?

If the product you're looking at is Sold Secure approved, you can rest confident that it provides a high level of security.

Sold Secure Standard Threat Level Environment
Diamond Approval Extra-high security grade used only for specific products such as: Lock cylinders, security chains, ground anchors and portable wheel locks for the caravan market.
Gold Approval The top level of resistance against the dedicated thief Should be used in a high-risk environment
Silver Approval Greater level of resistance against the more determined thief Should be used in a higher risk environment
Bronze Approval Good level of resistance against the opportunist thief Should be used in a normal risk environment.

Peace of Mind Your Bike Will Be Where You Left it!

The goal behind guarding your bike is to slow down the thief and delay the crime for as long as possible. While nothing is "theft proof," with any hope, the thieves will move on to a less difficult target.

If a product bears the Sold Secure emblem, you can rest assured that it has undergone a thorough examination. Their 'attack test' puts the product through a series of tests over a set period of time and against a broad set of criteria. A Sold Secure-approved product increases the likelihood that the attempted theft will be unsuccessful, and your bicycle will gladly remain where you left it.

Sold Secure your bike

Check to see whether they've been approved by Sold Secure.


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